Company Profile

The Sweater Wiz specializes in design, merchandising, and manufacturing of novelty sweaters for the Junior and Young Contemporary market in all price ranges. We understand our target customers and are able to supply them with fast, trendy fashion in affordable prices.

Our team is Los Angeles based. We generate over 150 new styles every month. We produce private and branded labels for our fashion forward customers with fast turnaround throughout the US and International. We work hands on with our factories to provide the newest yarns and trims as seen from the latest runways.

We have numerous factories in Northern and Southern parts of China. Our factories are completely vertical with up to date technology, spinning, yarn dyeing, knitting, finishing and packaging. All government labor laws, rules, and regulations are strictly enforced.

Our full production pacakage begins with 2-3 weeks from design to sample and 3-4 months from placed orders to your warehouse. Our terms are LDP. 30 days net.